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Rat Control

Dallas Rat Control Services

Rat infestations can pose significant challenges for homeowners and businesses. Those challenges often include damage to property, reputation, physical health, and mental health. It’s imperative to find rat control services in Dallas that will respond promptly, work humanely, and clean out your infestation thoroughly. 911 Wildlife has provided just that kind of service to the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2006 

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Safe and Humane Rat Removal 

We choose to emphasize safe and humane removal methods while not compromising the thoroughness of the cleanout. In fact, we are convinced that removal strategies that are safe are also those most likely to be effective. 

An Ethical and Compassionate Approach

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The Signs of a Rat Infestation 

Short of actually seeing the rat(s), some less obvious—but no less important—warning signs include these: 

  • Droppings: Finding rodent droppings around the property, especially in kitchens, pantries, and storage areas, is an indicator of rat presence. Large quantities of droppings are a further alarm bell, signifying a large-scale infestation.
  • Gnaw marks: Evidence of gnawing on wood, plastic, or wiring suggests the activity of rats, as they constantly gnaw to keep their teeth from growing too long. 
  • Nesting materials: Rats, like mice, are prone to use shredded paper, fabrics, and other soft materials to build their nests. 
  • Grease marks: Rats often leave greasy smudges along walls and baseboards as they navigate through their established pathways. Extensive and recurring grease marks, particularly in high-traffic areas, may signal a pervasive rat presence.
  • Strange noises: Scratching, scurrying, or squeaking sounds, particularly at night, may indicate the presence of rats within walls, ceilings, or attics. Persistent and amplified noise levels may indicate a sizable infestation.
  • Your pets act strangely: An example might be your dog barking or repeatedly pawing at the same area. They could be reacting to the presence of rats that are otherwise unseen. Consistent and heightened pet agitation may indicate a severe rat infestation. Listen to your pets. 

The Dangers of Rat Infestations

The longer you wait to call our Dallas rat control office, the more likely it is that hazards like these could start to appear: 

  • Health risks: Rats can transmit various diseases to humans through their droppings, urine, and saliva. Diseases such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonellosis pose serious health risks for people exposed to contaminated areas.
  • Allergens and asthma triggers: Rat dander, urine, and feces can act as potent allergens, triggering allergic reactions and exacerbating asthma symptoms in sensitive people. 
  • Food contamination: Rats can contaminate stored food items with their droppings, urine, or fur. 
  • Property damage: Rats are notorious for gnawing on electrical wires, wooden structures, and insulation, posing a fire hazard and compromising the structural integrity of buildings.
  • Parasites and secondary pests: Rats can harbor fleas, ticks, and mites, which may infest the property and pose additional health risks to humans and pets. Furthermore, the presence of rats can attract other pests, creating a compounded infestation issue that demands comprehensive pest control measures.
  • Reputation damage: For businesses, a rat infestation can lead to reputational damage and loss of customer trust. Negative word-of-mouth, online reviews, and public health violations can significantly impact the viability of a business.

Effective and Humane Rat Control in Dallas and Fort Worth

The team here at 911 Wildlife takes tremendous pride in doing the job right. To us, that means giving infestations a clean-out that is both thorough and done humanely. Property owners should never be forced to choose between reclaiming control of their property and respecting nature. Our desire to do both—and our conviction these goals actually work hand-in-hand, led to our founding back in 2006. Those principles have fueled our growth and continue to animate us to this day. 

Our methods have been endorsed by: 

  • DFW Wildlife Coalition 
  • North Texas Wildlife Center
  • Houston SPCA
  • Friends of Texas Wildlife 
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • Bat Conservation International
  • Wildlife Center of Texas

Call (903) 289-7255 or contact us online today.

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Our Reviews hear From Your Friends & Neighbors
  • "Reliable & Friendly"

    911 Wildlife was very prompt at returning my initial inquiry and getting me all the info I needed and at a good price. Reliable and friendly employees make the difference!

    Katie K.
  • "Excellent Service"

    911 Wildlife is my immediate go-to for rodent control. Devin is the best. Don’t waste time finding the source of those pesky critters. Always fair pricing and excellent service. I highly recommend.

    Kathleen C.
  • "Very Professional"

    Rob and his team arrived on time and installed grating, patched a hole, and installed a one-way outlet to evict a raccoon from my attic. They are professional and easy to work with. I recommend their services!

    David M.
  • "Great Job"

    These people know how to deal with varmints in an informed humane way. They know animals and know how to manage them without harm to them or you. Call 'em now if you've got raccoons, possums, squirrels or even rats in the attic. They serve FORT WORTH as we

    Claudia C.
  • "Highly Recommend"

    Harvest did a great job identifying and sealing entry points to prevent future indoor wildlife activity. Harvest was also clear on the schedule and countermeasures that were to be implemented.

    Chris M.
  • "Great Service"

    Our technician Ryan was the best. He was prompt and very thorough... He repaired the roof and flashing, and re-painted beautifully. The squirrels are gone! The service is effective and humane. I completely recommend!

    Katherine G.
  • "Extremely Thorough"

    We had Squirrels move into our attic and 911 Wildlife was quick to respond to our concerns... We were so impressed by her meticulous approach and her professionalism.

    Darryl K.

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