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Allen, TX Animal Removal Services

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Animal Removal Services For Allen, TX Homeowners

“Quick to respond to any questions and/or concerns! Did an amazing job keeping me up to date on the whole process! Highly Recommend!!!!!”

Nothing sings the praises better for 911 Wildlife than the feedback we receive for offering superior home services, such as the prompt removal of animals from your home. Customer testimonials get right to the core of our highly rated home improvement company. Outside of references from friends and family members, customer testimonials do the best job of letting you know where to turn to for exceptional animal removal services.

When you hear scratching in the attic or the annoying screeching sound made by an animal in distress, the time has come to contact 911 Wildlife. For more than 35 years, our team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals have saved Collin County homeowners thousands of dollars in home repair costs by efficiently removing animals from attics, basements, and underneath kitchen sinks.

Why You Need To Hire 911 Wildlife

The lone squirrel or raccoon you see scampering away in the attic might not give you cause for concern, but it should. Wild animals do not seek refuge in your home to remain solo. From a bulging possum to an expectant mother of six mice, wild animals want to deliver babies in safe environments, such as a crawl space under your porch or behind a wall in the dining room. If you do not contact 911 Wildlife for animal removal in Allen, TX, the lone rat or rabbit can quickly turn into a destructive family of animals that chew electric wires and gnaw away enough of structural beams to create huge safety issues.

You might think getting rid of an animal is an easy job. However, wild animals pose several health risks that include life-threatening bites and debilitating diseases. You need to contact the experienced specialists at 911 Wildlife to ensure the safe and efficient removal of any wild animal that has decided to move into your home.

Animal Removal From Allen, Texas Lawn And Gardens

A rabbit wiggling its nose in the backyard looks cute from the kitchen window, but how cute is the rabbit when it goes to town on the vegetable buffet growing in your meticulously cared for family garden? 911 Wildlife does much more than remove uninvited furry guests from inside your home. Our team of animal removal experts takes care of the pests that invade your lawn and garden. From a family of skunks that wreak havoc at the perimeter of your property to rabbits that consume carrots and tomatoes at record clips, we offer humane animal removal services that cover every inch of your home and property.

Raccoons Present Problems For Allen, TX Homeowners

Of all the pests we encounter, no other animal presents more serious problems than the problems caused by the varmints wearing dark, furry masks. In addition to transmitting rabies and slicing you with razor-sharp claws, raccoons can turn an attic into a destruction zone that you can never repair. The presence of a family of raccoons inside your home requires a call to the animal removal experts at911 Wildlife. We have the tools and more important, the knowledge not only to remove raccoons from your Allen, Texas home but also prevent the home invaders from returning to their luxury of comfort.

When you contact 911 Wildlife to handle your animal removal needs in Allen, TX, you can expect to schedule a free initial consultation to determine the best animal removal strategy. Then, 911 Wildlife conducts a second consultation to discuss the specifics of each element of our animal removal plan.

Contact 911 Wildlife today to remove wild animals from your Allen, Texas home.

Animal Removal Services In Allen

Animals In The Attic? Call 911 Wildlife For Help

Like humans, animals are always on the hunt for the three primary resources they need to survive: food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, your home provides them with all three of those resources in abundance, making it a tempting target for many to try to invade.

When animals invade, one of the most common areas they infest is the attic. This is for one simple reason: the attic is warm. It provides them a comfortable place to rest and build a nest in an out-of-sight area that the humans in the home don’t often disturb. If the animal got in through the roof, it’s also the most direct way in and out when they need to forage for food. This makes it a common area of infestation for squirrels, bats, raccoons, and other pests. 

Pests in the attic bring numerous problems. When any animal gets inside, they will tear through walls, floors, insulation, furniture, and practically anything else they can find there (usually in search of nest materials). They’ll also leave their droppings and urine everywhere, leading to numerous potential health hazards - not to mention the parasites and other pests they could bring inside with them. Rodent gnawing can even create fire hazards when they find electrical wiring, often found in the attic.

If something is stirring in your attic, don’t wait: call the professionals at 911 Wildlife immediately for help with attic decontamination!

How Does Wildlife Get Into My Allen, TX Home?

Wildlife problems in Allen are difficult to prevent in part because they can access your home through numerous ways. Wildlife can gain access to your home through weep holes, AC Lines, roof vents, and the eaves of your roof.

At 911 Wildlife, we know the ways wildlife enters homes in Allen, and we know how to remove them for good. We’ll work with you to eliminate existing animals in your home while sealing off their entry points so they can’t return. 

Many wildlife removal and animal removal companies will simply use expanding foam on problem areas, however that will not suffice. Exclusion by sealing up the entry points is what sets 911 Wildlife apart. We seal up every hole in a manner that leaves them completely inaccessible, paying special attention to making sure any type of exclusion that we perform is done with great detail and with precision. We make sure that any flashing or screws are painted to match the color of your exterior and we always use clear silicone to reduce the contrast of the new products.

Why You Don't Want Squirrels Hanging Around Your Allen Property

Squirrels may seem like an avoidable member of nature, but they can mean big problems for your Allen home or place of business. Some of the reasons why you don’t want these pests making themselves at home on your property are:

  • Other pests. Squirrels and other wildlife are very common carriers of parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites. Given the free roam that they have of your property, they’re able to spread these pests with great ease.
  • Property damage. Just like mice and rats, squirrels are rodents, which means that their incisors will continue to grow if they’re not tended to regularly. What this means for you is a significant amount of damage done to your insulation, flooring, cables, and electrical wires. This can even lead to house fires and electrical shortages.
  • Health risks. While squirrels are unlikely to bite humans, unless they’re at risk of being held, they do often carry Lyme disease, rabies, and tularemia.

You don’t have to let squirrels be a problem on your Allen property. With professional assistance from the team at 911 Wildlife, we’ll be able to install factors that make your property unappealing to them. For more information on our squirrel removal services, contact us today.

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Allen Yard

While some of the snakes that you encounter in Allen will not be overtly dangerous to your health, some of them may be. That’s why it’s so important to keep them away no matter the season. Try these tips to make your yard unappealing to snakes of many kinds:

  • Seal up any gaps around external air conditioners.
  • Cover the vents around your property.
  • Keep your yard free from leaf piles, fallen tree branches, and any other greenery debris.
  • Mow your grass regularly, keeping it on the shorter side. Similarly, don’t allow hedges and shrubs to overgrow; tend to them routinely.
  • Weed your property regularly.
  • Avoid letting tall grass grow around your home’s foundation.
  • Repair any water leaks around your property, like hoses, pipes, and downspouts.

We’re the trusted local experts when it comes to unpredictable wildlife problems. We rely on ethical solutions to all of your pest problems and look forward to keeping your yard free from snakes. Contact us today for more information on our snake removal services

What Should I Do About Bats Around My Allen Property?

While bats are a very commonly feared pest in Allen, they are actually a very important member of our ecosystem, working to reduce populations of nuisance and dangerous pests. That said, they still don’t belong inside your property. Bats tend to take up shelter in local homes or businesses because there is an excess of pests like mosquitoes or available standing water. Once they’ve roosted inside your property, the build-up of their fecal matter starts to cause trouble. In some instances, bats can produce enough droppings that are heavy enough to cause your ceiling to cave in. Their feces are known to carry fungus, which can lead to lung infections for people living in infested homes. Bats are also known to cause significant damage to attics, typically around your insulation. And lastly, bats are very common carriers of rabies, second only to raccoons, so avoiding them at all costs is a must. 

If you have bats present on your property, the best thing you can do is contact 911 Wildlife. Our team practices the ethical removal of wildlife, while also protecting your home from future problems with exclusion and providing attic treatments for your continued safety. For more information on how we can keep bats out of your property or about our bat removal services, contact us today.

How Dangerous Are Opossums In Allen?

Opossums are a pretty unique animal, as America’s only marsupial. However, they can cause a host of issues for Allen property owners that are definitely avoidable. They’re typically drawn to homes and places of business in search of food as well as shelter. Something as simple as the smell of your trash to a lush garden is enough to attract them. And because opossums commonly feed off of grubs, if you have an active population of these pests, opossums are never far behind. Once they’ve made it to your property, opossums are known to spread diseases like salmonellosis, tularemia, and leptospirosis, primarily through their bites and scratches. They tend to rely on these actions in moments of fear or when they’ve perceived a threat. These pests are also very common carriers of parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, so if you’re dealing with an opossum problem, you may have other pest issues mounting. Another issue that opossums cause on Allen properties is damage. Because they feed primarily off of grubs in the ground, they will dig up your lawn and garden to no end in search of these pests. 

For complete protection from opossums and the dangers they pose, contact the professionals at 911 Wildlife and inquire about our opossum removal services today.

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    911 Wildlife was very prompt at returning my initial inquiry and getting me all the info I needed and at a good price. Reliable and friendly employees make the difference!

    Katie K.
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    911 Wildlife is my immediate go-to for rodent control. Devin is the best. Don’t waste time finding the source of those pesky critters. Always fair pricing and excellent service. I highly recommend.

    Kathleen C.
    "Very Professional"

    Rob and his team arrived on time and installed grating, patched a hole, and installed a one-way outlet to evict a raccoon from my attic. They are professional and easy to work with. I recommend their services!

    David M.
    "Great Job"

    These people know how to deal with varmints in an informed humane way. They know animals and know how to manage them without harm to them or you. Call 'em now if you've got raccoons, possums, squirrels or even rats in the attic. They serve FORT WORTH as we

    Claudia C.
    "Highly Recommend"

    Harvest did a great job identifying and sealing entry points to prevent future indoor wildlife activity. Harvest was also clear on the schedule and countermeasures that were to be implemented.

    Chris M.
    "Great Service"

    Our technician Ryan was the best. He was prompt and very thorough... He repaired the roof and flashing, and re-painted beautifully. The squirrels are gone! The service is effective and humane. I completely recommend!

    Katherine G.
    "Extremely Thorough"

    We had Squirrels move into our attic and 911 Wildlife was quick to respond to our concerns... We were so impressed by her meticulous approach and her professionalism.

    Darryl K.

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