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DIY vs. Professional Opossum Removal In Dallas


There are few events more infuriating than when opossums trespass onto your property. These wily creatures, with their beady eyes and eerie hisses, make it their mission to turn your garden into their personal buffet. Their relentless foraging can leave you feeling like an unwitting host of a surprise wildlife party. The frustration of dealing with these marsupial gate-crashers is enough to make even the calmest property owner boil over with fury.

Fortunately, our team at 911 Wildlife doesn’t believe you have to go that far to get relief from these pesky intruders. That’s why we offer the most reliable opossum removal in Dallas to keep your property free from these highly destructive critters. Keep on reading to learn more about opossums and why you should partner with experts for professional wildlife removal services.  

What Kind Of Animals Are Opossums?

Opossums are unique marsupial mammals native to the Americas and have pointed snouts, opposable thumbs on their back feet, and prehensile tails. These creatures are skilled climbers known for pretending to be dead when threatened, a behavior widely known in popular culture as “playing possum.” This is a clever survival tactic, as they emit a foul-smelling odor during this act, which deters potential predators.

Opossums are relatively small, ranging from about the size of a house cat to a large rat. Besides their distinctive white faces, they’re predominantly brownish to grayish with coarse fur. They’re omnivorous and feed on a wide variety of foods, from insects and small mammals to fruits, plants, and even carrion, making them adaptable creatures in diverse habitats.

For the most effective opossum control methods for your property, contact our team at 911 Wildlife.

Can Opossums In Dallas Be Dangerous?

Opossums are generally non-aggressive and pose minimal danger to humans. These marsupials are more likely to play dead or hiss when confronted rather than attack. However, they can pose numerous problems when they invade properties looking for food. As omnivores, these creatures have a wide-ranging diet, including insects, small mammals, fruits, plants, and even carrion. While they help control certain pests, their scavenging habits can lead to issues like raided garbage cans or damage to gardens and landscaping.

Although opossums can carry numerous diseases, the risk of people contracting illnesses from them is fairly low. So, do not be lulled into a false sense of security because opossums are not considered a threat to humans. Their presence alone can cause a heap of frustration, especially if they destroy various elements on your property. For these reasons, it's important to partner with wildlife experts who specialize in opossum control in Dallas.

Why Residents Should Avoid DIY Opossum Removal

When opossums invade your property, it can be a challenging situation to deal with, but resorting to do-it-yourself (DIY) tactics may not always be the best approach. Take a look at these compelling reasons to avoid taking matters into your own hands:

  • Safety concerns: Opossums, while usually not aggressive, may bite or scratch when cornered or threatened, putting you at risk of injury during DIY removal attempts.

  • Ineffectiveness: DIY solutions, such as traps and repellents, can be hit or miss, often resulting in the persistence of these crafty marsupials.

  • Ethical considerations: Attempting to remove opossums without expertise can lead to unintended harm or distress to the animals, potentially violating ethical standards of wildlife control.

  • Disease transmission: Opossums can carry diseases, so improper handling of these animals may expose you to health hazards.

  • Legal regulations: Without the appropriate permits, DIY attempts can inadvertently lead to legal consequences.

Always contact 911 Wildlife for safe and humane opossum control to safeguard your property as well as your health. 

Professional Opossum Control Services: Why Choose Expert Assistance

Ready to evict opossums from your property permanently? Count on our team at 911 Wildlife for professional wildlife control services in Texas. We have the experience and knowledge to handle these creatures safely and effectively. Our methods yield successful results that will eliminate the nuisance without causing undue harm to the ecosystem. Contact us now to learn more.

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