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Reliable Wildlife Control In South Houston, TX

South Houston is an eclectic city that’s located less than half an hour from the center of its sister city, Houston. Given this proximity, it’s no surprise that many people who live in South Houston either work in the big city or visit frequently to enjoy the culture that it provides. South Houston is lined with lots of independent eateries, community centers, boutiques, and parks. Wildlife issues are, however, also part of living in the city.

At 911 Wildlife, we provide reliable pest control in South Houston, TX that keeps your home property free from invaders like skunks, squirrels, and raccoons. While these animals are a part of nature, they don’t have to bring trouble to your front door. We are a team of local wildlife experts who have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. All of our methods are humane and ethical. We relocate animals and work to prevent them from returning to your yard. To learn more about our services and to schedule your initial inspection, please call us today.

Residential Wildlife Control In South Houston

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At 911 Wildlife, we help South Houston homeowners find relief from unpredictable wildlife creatures. We are a team of local wildlife experts that utilize only the safest and most humane methods of relocation. In order to determine your exact needs, we provide a complete property assessment to start. Once we’ve determined the wildlife that is loitering on your property, we will create a plan of action.

Because our work is built to create lasting results, we help homeowners make habitat modifications. We also provide exclusion installation that involves sustainably sealing off the entry points that wildlife can use to enter your home. We also offer attic decontamination. To learn more about our residential wildlife control services in South Houston, please call us today.

Squirrels Can Be Very Problematic For Property Owners In South Houston

Squirrels are notoriously a very difficult pest to keep away from South Houston properties because of their ability to climb and scamper very quickly. As members of the rodent family, squirrels are problematic for several reasons, one of which is that they can be hosts to parasitic pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites. If squirrels access a property, they can spread these issues very easily as they roam the property. When squirrels sneak inside attics, they can even bring these issues inside with them.

Squirrels are also linked with a variety of property damage that comes from the nests that they build as well as their inherent excessive chewing. Squirrels are known to build their nests in undesirable places that can damage the insulation inside of homes. The gnawing that squirrels are capable of is also very serious; they can chew at siding, shutters, and electric lines. For more information on squirrel removal in South Houston, call 911 Wildlife today.

Why Are Skunks Attracted To My South Houston Yard?

Skunks might seem cute from their depictions in popular culture; however, they can cause a lot of issues around your South Houston yard. Some of the reasons that they may be attracted to your property include:

  • Easily accessible food: Skunks will look for meals where they can find them, so if you’re not covering your compost bin properly or failing to clean your grill, they may be lurking. Additionally, if you don’t clear out outdoor dog food bowls, they may also serve as a source of food for skunks.
  • Improper trash storage: If you have garbage bins that are overflowing or that aren’t sealed properly, you might find skunks searching for a meal. 
  • The presence of pests: Skunks are also known to eat grubs and earthworms, so if your lawn is filled with them, it might be appealing to skunks. 
  • Openings: The creatures are fond of openings, so if you have nooks underneath porches, your property might be more hospitable to skunks than you think.

For more information on skunk removal in South Houston, call 911 Wildlife today.

The Safest Way To Remove Raccoons from Your Property In South Houston

Raccoons, also known as masked bandits, can be some of the biggest troublemakers on your South Houston property. They usually come searching for food and will rummage through any garbage bins they find. But raccoons can also spread parasites and other health issues such as rabies. Because of these issues and their unpredictable nature, the safest way to remove them is with professional help from 911 Wildlife.

Our team has been humanely relocating raccoons from South Houston properties since 2006. If you sense that there are raccoons present on your property, simply give us a call and we’ll get right to work. Instead of trapping raccoons, we aim to make your home unwelcoming to them. This entails sealing off entry points, eliminating food sources, and installing one-way doors if they’ve gotten inside. From there, we install exclusion work to keep raccoons from returning. These services come with a 10-year warranty. We also offer decontamination services that will safely eliminate any hazardous feces or urine that raccoons may have left behind. For more information on raccoon removal services in South Houston, please call us today.

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