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Skunk Identification | 911 Wildlife


When skunks find their way to our Texas yards, we often smell them before seeing them. Skunks are nocturnal and most active during the evening and early morning hours when we are inside our homes. Skunks are small mammals, and their primary defense source is the noxious liquid they spray from glands underneath their tails. 

Skunks are unwanted in our yards for many reasons, not just because of their ability to spray us and our pets. Skunks feed on many of the same foods we do and become a nuisance around our trash cans, pet food, and outdoor eating areas. They also spread diseases that can make people ill, including rabies. If you spot skunks and their telltale white and black fur and fluffy tail on your property, don't delay asking for professional help to remove them. 

Keep smelly skunks away from your Houston yard with the following prevention tips.

  • Remove fallen trees, brush piles, and other debris from your yard that skunks could use as harborage sites.

  • Remove bird feeders and other wildlife feeders from your yard.

  • Keep lids on outdoor trash cans, and ensure you place all trash bags in those receptacles. 

  • Regularly harvest gardens and fruit trees. 

For wildlife removal for your home or skunk removal on your Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas property, contact 911 Wildlife. 

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