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Raccoon Identification | 911 Wildlife


Raccoons are wild animals that have adapted to living near people. Taking advantage of the food, they can forage from our trashcans, gardens, and pet food bowls. Whether you call the city or suburbs homes, you could experience frustrating problems with these curious wild animals.

One of the easier-to-identify wildlife intruders is the raccoon. Raccoons are the size of a large house cat, have a black "mask" of fur over their eyes, and have a black and gray "ringed" tail. Raccoons are destructive on our properties tearing through gardens and trash cans, digging up our lawns, and causing structural damage to our homes. There are also health risks associated with these animals; they spread parasites and disease-causing pathogens, including rabies. Raccoons should never feel free to share our indoor spaces.

Use the following suggestions to deter raccoon activity.

  • Place locking lids on all outdoor trash cans.

  • Place bricks in the bottom of outdoor trashcans to help stop raccoons from knocking them over.

  • Never leave uneaten pet food outside.

  • Place fencing on the underside of decks to keep raccoons out.

  • You can help prevent raccoons from entering your home by placing caps on chimneys and mesh covers over vents.

If raccoons are regular visitors to your Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas property, we can help; call now for exceptional raccoon removal services.

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