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Raccoon Removal In Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX & Surrounding Areas | 911 Wildlife


Raccoons are cute and furry, but can also be a big problem when they invade your Houston home. They can cause extensive damage and can carry diseases that make you and your family sick. You want to remove these animals, and fast, but you don't want to harm them in the process. 

That's where we come in. At 911 Wildlife, we specialize in humane wildlife management. As a company owned and operated by wildlife rehabilitators, we understand the importance of taking care of these animals while protecting your family at the same time. We will make sure that the raccoons are removed from your home safely, without the use of traps, poisons, or other inhumane methods. 

We do not trap and relocate animals. While this seems like a humane solution, relocated animals rarely survive in unfamiliar territory competing for resources, and often leave orphaned young to starve. Plus, other animals will just move into the newly-available space.

If you have raccoons in your home, call us today. We offer fast, professional wildlife removal services in Houston that will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Raccoons are clever, resourceful, and persistent animals. Unfortunately, these traits also make them quite adept at breaking into homes when searching for food or shelter. If you suspect that you might have a raccoon infiltration, it's important to act fast. The longer raccoons are present in your home, the more damage they will cause and the greater the risk for disease transmission. Here's how to tell if these animals are making themselves at home in your house:

  • Droppings: Raccoon feces are typically two or three inches long and jet-black in color. They often contain bones, seeds, or pieces of fruits and vegetables.
  • Damage to insulation, ductwork, or wiring: Raccoons chew through electrical wires, which can pose a serious fire hazard. If you notice any damage to your home's structure, insulation, ductwork, or wiring, it may be a sign of raccoons.
  • Screeching, chittering, or thumping coming from your attic or walls: Raccoons are nocturnal animals but can be active during the day as well, particularly if offspring are present. The sound of heavy walking around overhead often accompany these sounds.

Raccoons can wreak havoc on your home if they take up residence. Be on the lookout for these signs, and contact the Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas wildlife experts at 911 Wildlife if you need help.

Rather than setting traps or using harmful chemicals, 911 Wildlife evicts the raccoons from your property by making it inhospitable for them. We install a special one-way door that allows the animals to exit your home but not re-enter. Then, if needed, we use non-chemical aversion techniques to encourage the animal to vacate the area.

Our goal is not only one-time removal but the prevention of future infiltrations. In order to do this, we take special care to exclude the animals from your property. Exclusion involves sealing up all potential entry points, including gaps in your home's siding, openings around utility lines, and unscreened vents. Our exclusion work comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Raccoons leave behind urine and feces when they invade homes, which can spread diseases. We can disinfect and deodorize all of the areas where the raccoons have been.

Raccoons often raid trash cans, cause property damage, and can even carry diseases. If they invade your home, they can cause significant damage and pose a serious health hazard to humans and pets alike. Their feces contains histoplasmosis spores, which can cause respiratory illness in humans, and they can also transmit rabies. Additionally, they can carry lice and fleas, which can spread to humans and pets.

If you believe the animal has health concerns, then contact your local animal services. If you believe it is residing in your home/property, then contact 911 Wildlife for assistance.

You can prevent raccoons from returning by making your property less attractive to them. Some things you can do include sealing up all potential entry points, trimming back vegetation, and removing potential food sources, such as trash cans, pet food, and bird seed. By making your property inhospitable to raccoons, you can discourage them from returning. At 911 Wildlife, our wildlife pest control services include exclusion, designed to keep animals like raccoons from returning.

It's not uncommon for Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas homeowners to find raccoons on their property. You may have heard that the best way to deal with these animals is to trap them and relocate them. However, this is not an effective solution and can actually do more harm than good. Studies show that relocated wild animals rarely survive for more than two weeks because they're unfamiliar with their new surroundings and have trouble finding food and shelter. Additionally, this method does nothing to prevent other raccoons from invading your home. With 911 Wildlife's wildlife control services that focus on humane eviction and exclusion, you can keep your home raccoon-free without harming the animals. Contact us today to learn more.

"I'm a big fan of this group. They really care about the process and the effect of pest removal on all of the wildlife. Their process is humane and efficient. I have used them a few times and will always use these folks."

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