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Raccoon Removal Services For Richardson, Texas Homeowners

Since 1981, the licensed and bonded team of animal removal professionals at 911 Wildlife has made countless Richardson, TX homeowners happy by quickly and efficiently getting rid of raccoons living in attics. Although raccoons can spend the winter in basements, the bandit looking critters prefer the cozy warmth of a home attic. The most important reason for the attic invasions is the security offered by a hidden place to raise a family of newborns. After all, many raccoons begin their lives living in attics because that is where momma raccoon decided to shack up for a few months.

Although a family of raccoons typically leaves attics whenever the youngsters can fend for themselves, that does not mean the mother will never return to start another family.

When you hear scratching sounds coming from the attic, the time has come to contact 911 Wildlife.

Why You Need A Professional Contractor To Get Rid Of Raccoons

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Raccoons are incredibly smart creatures that thrive on satisfying their curiosities. However, the animals can cause a tremendous amount of destruction, from tearing through vegetation in the garden to clawing through attic insulation. When a raccoon fees threatened they do not back down from humans. They will try to bite and scratch anyone who comes too close to the nest.

As nocturnal animals, raccoons are most active after the sun goes down. You can go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning to a kitchen of torn dry food bags and shredded cabinet doors. With dexterity uncommon in the animal kingdom, raccoons can open jars, bottles, and pantry latches. They can climb virtually any surface to acquire food, including tall trash dumpsters sitting out by the curb. When you detect the presence of one raccoon, you need to contact the team of animal removal experts at 911 Wildlife for the ultimate in critter control so we can remove the raccoon safely.

Raccoon Removal For Good In Richardson, TX

It is one thing to trap and remove raccoons; it is quite another thing to say adios to the varmints for good. After removing the wild animals from your Richardson, Texas home, the next priority is to raccoon-proof your house. We start by installing a fence around the garden to protect plants and vegetables from famished raccoons. You should store trash bins inside the garage and/or basement. Wait until the night before garbage picks up to roll the full containers to the curb. We inspect your property thoroughly to locate possible hiding spots, as well as examine your roof and foundation for cracks large enough to attract adult raccoons. Unlike small animals, raccoons require large holes and cracks to enter because of the lack of a limber body frame.

How To Catch Raccoons

Despite our sense of urgency, we take the time needed to remove raccoons from your home humanely. The wild animals love dining on sweet foods and fatty meats, which we use as bait to lure raccoons into spacious cages. We never poison our bait and we ensure raccoons have plenty of room to enjoy the long ride into the country. The best bait placement motivates a raccoon to enter a cage completely and encourages a raccoon to hit the door slide trigger. We highly recommend you contact our experienced team of raccoon removal specialists to get the trapping job done right.

Contact 911 Wildlife today to learn more about how we get rid of raccoons in Richardson, Texas.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm a big fan of this group. They really care about the process and the effect of pest removal on all of the wildlife. Their process is humane and efficient. I have used them a few times and will always use these folks."

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