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Wildlife Control In Webster, TX

With a population of just under 12,000, Webster is a suburb located approximately 20 miles south of Houston. Lauded as one of the best cities in Texas, the locals revel in this community’s urban feel, brimming with coffee shops and cafés, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and parks. But as delightful as the area is, it’s not uncommon for wildlife and other invasive creatures to infringe upon your property. 

Fortunately, 911 Wildlife provides the most effective solutions to quickly remove unwanted wildlife species from your property to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and safe. We guarantee our exclusion work for an entire decade. Our wildlife control techniques are time-tested and have successfully resolved our residents’ pest dilemmas for over 25 years. 

Read on to learn about a few nuisance wildlife species in our area that you could encounter on your property and how professionals with Webster wildlife control can keep them away for good.

Residential Wildlife Control In Webster

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Any pest lurking around your home can cause a heap of trouble and frustration, not to mention possible property damage and bodily harm. If your home provides animals with their basic survival needs, it’ll be difficult to keep them from coming around. Most wildlife are simply searching for food, water, and shelter. Certain species can destroy your landscaping and expose your household to zoonotic diseases, such as hantavirus, rabies, and toxoplasmosis.

The most effective way to guard your property against wildlife invaders is to remove all the appealing factors that lure animals like a magnet. Eliminate all sources of water and food. This means cleaning up right after outdoor gatherings and cookouts. Ensure that garbage can lids fit securely and cannot be easily knocked off.

Additionally, get rid of any objects in your yard that animals can use as shelter. Keep on top of your lawn care maintenance routine and clear away any clutter or debris. To keep pests from intruding into your home, seal off all entry points that animals can use to sneak inside.

If you’re concerned about running into animals on your property, contact experienced pest specialists for professional wildlife removal services.

The Best Form Of Squirrel Removal In Webster

Squirrels are creatures of habit. Once they know your place supplies them with the necessities to thrive, they’ll visit your property regularly. And if they somehow manage to get inside your home, they can destroy wall insulation, chew on electrical wiring, and build nests in your attic. They can also spread disease by leaving their waste in your home. Therefore, don’t waste time experimenting with home remedies and do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) methods to remove these creatures. Instead, contact a reputable wildlife and pest control company to consistently keep squirrels off your property.

What To Do About Skunk Removal Around Your Webster Property

Webster hosts its fair share of wildlife that prefer to call your home their home. And they have any problems making themselves comfortable and cozy in your coveted outdoor living spaces. Skunks are among those unwelcomed animal violators who love to trespass onto your property. Although these animals aren’t aggressive, they can spray their tear gas-like substance on you that not only makes you stink but can cause short-term burning, redness, and stinging. The intense sensation can make it difficult to open your eyes for a few minutes. And if you have the misfortune of inhaling skunk spray, it can irritate your lungs.

In addition to the threat of being sprayed, skunks can destroy turf while foraging for grubs and other insects found in the soil. Skunks can dig large but shallow holes in your lawn, ruining your landscaping efforts. 

If you ever see skunks roaming your residence, do not hesitate to contact a qualified pest management company to schedule a skunk removal service immediately.

Three Reasons To Get Raccoon Removal Into Webster Yards

If you’ve lived in Webster, chances are you’ve come across a raccoon a time or two. These “little bandits” often rummage through residents’ garbage cans at night, searching for food. 

Here are three reasons why enlisting the services of professional wildlife pest control is the best way to remove raccoons from your yard:

  1. It’s quick. Professionals take prompt action to remove wildlife. 
  2. It’s cost-efficient. It’ll save you money in the long run by avoiding the expensive damage wildlife causes.
  3. It’s safer. Service workers have the expertise to handle wildlife with care.

With a focus on humane exclusion and removal techniques, 911 Wildlife has staked our reputation on providing effective raccoon removal in Webster that our residents can rely on. We guarantee our exclusion work for 10 years, so you can rest easy that your property is completely protected. Many prominent organizations have endorsed our humane approach to wildlife removal. Let us put you back on the road to a peaceful, pest-free life. Reach out to us today, so we can get started. 

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