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Even pests that stick to the outdoors can have larger effects on your property when they wander into yards or form nesting areas right around your structures. Wildlife pest control is just as important to your health and safety as keeping out the smaller pests that people tend to focus on when it comes to pest prevention. 

With help from 911 Wildlife, you can get proven wildlife control in Lake Jackson that includes humane wildlife control for pests like raccoons and squirrels. Learn how we can provide you with fast responses to existing issues and ongoing protection so you never have to deal with an infestation again. 

Residential Wildlife Control In Lake Jackson

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Our homes can be attractive to pests looking for an easy meal or shelter from predators and the elements. This is why any Lake Jackson home can be vulnerable to wildlife wandering through to dig through trash cans or to nest and settle on or near your property. 

Dealing with wildlife can be dangerous for the people and the animals involved, which is why 911 Wildlife prioritizes fast response and humane removal methods that don’t lead to wildlife being orphaned or local populations being disrupted. 

Here’s how we offer home wildlife control in Lake Jackson, Texas

  • Specialty systems: We use patented, specialized systems like one-way doors and other devices that encourage wildlife to leave your home or yard and prevent them from returning. 

  • No traps or poisons: We prioritize methods that don’t impact the health of the wildlife or the people and other pets that might be on the property during our service visit. 

  • Exclusion work: We don’t just address the pests themselves, we also work on addressing the access points they used to invade in the first place. 

To ensure your property is protected against wildlife and the damage it can cause, contact 911 Wildlife today. 

Commercial Wildlife Control In Lake Jackson

Pest problems around your Lake Jackson business can cause major disruptions. From the costly property damage wildlife can lead to to the loss of good reputation in your community that results from noticeable pest problems, it’s better to get wildlife dealt with quickly rather than leaving them be. 

That’s where 911 Wildlife comes in to offer commercial wildlife control in Lake Jackson that protects against wildlife and the consequences they can have on your operations. Whether it’s birds and bats or squirrels and skunks that are driving away your customers, we can help with fast response times and humane solutions. 

Contact 911 Wildlife today to learn how we can keep your Lake Jackson property pest-free. 

Squirrels In Lake Jackson Might Look Cute But Can Be A Major Nuisance

Squirrels are so common that they are practically a fixture of modern American life. They inhabit the trees and woodland areas that make up our communities, and they can even seem cute with their big, fluffy tails and ability to bound across a tree branch. 

But the problems they cause around our properties make them decidedly less cute, and squirrels can even be dangerous to have around your home or business.

Here’s why you shouldn’t just ignore a squirrel population and should instead get professional squirrel control in Lake Jackson

  • Damage: Like all rodents, squirrels have front teeth that grow their whole lives. When they’re not filing them down on hard nuts, they can instead chew through utility lines or other common items around human properties, leading to property damage. 

  • Disease: Squirrels can also carry diseases and parasites like ticks and fleas, which can easily be transmitted to people or domestic pets. 

  • Other pests: Squirrels get hunted by birds of prey and other prowling wildlife, which can turn your property into a hunting ground if they see lots of rodents to feed on. 

Don’t worry about these problems all on your own. Instead, turn to 911 Wildlife for prompt removal of wildlife like squirrels, as well as exclusion work that keeps invasive pests from getting on your property again. 

Protect Your Lake Jackson Property And Pets From Raccoons

We’ve all heard horror stories about a dog or cat that decided to take on a neighborhood raccoon and wound up with rabies as a result. Even if domesticated animals don’t suffer from disease due to an encounter with wildlife, territorial pests like raccoons can still lead to injuries and frights when they invade our yards. 

Unfortunately, raccoons are common wildlife pests to have to deal with, and they are drawn to all properties because modern society provides them with all the byproducts they need to survive. It’s not uncommon to see raccoons rummaging through residential trash cans. 

This is where raccoon pest control in Lake Jackson comes in to make sure these scavenging animals don’t pick your property as their next target. 911 Wildlife specializes in addressing raccoons quickly and humanely, while also providing services that protect your property against future infestations. 

Contact us today if you have raccoons around your Lake Jackson property, or if you want to get started on overall wildlife exclusion services that protect you and your pets from nasty encounters. 

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