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Removing Animals For Homeowners In Rockwall, TX

Wild animals have a sixth sense when it comes to finding ways to enter Rockwall, Texas homes. No, they do not use the key secretly stored under the Welcome mat or scamper inside when you open the front door to retrieve the mail. Most species of wildlife look for more clever ways to settle into a small space within the attic or basement.

For some of our customers, the invasion of furry guests does not involve extracting live wild animals. It involves removing carcasses that have released a foul stench and have created a highly unsanitary section of your home.

Removing dead animals for homeowners in Rockwall, TX is one of the specialties of the home services professionals at 911 Wildlife. Many of the species we deal with instinctively search for dark, secluded interior spaces to spend their last days. When you first detect a rotten smell or discover a decaying animal, hire Rockwall County wildlife removal experts to remove the dead animal quickly from your home.

911 Wildlife Covers Every Inch of Your Property

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The animal removal experts at 911 Wildlife cover every inch of your property to ensure small animals and large animals have not left forwarding addresses for winter. We typically like to start our analysis of your animal infestation problem by examining tight spaces in the attic, as well as perform a thorough chimney sweep. The advanced technology used by the home wildlife removal services professionals at 911 Wildlife prevents further damage to walls and floorboards. We also implement preventive measures that keep out invasive birds and bats.

After we complete our detailed indoor analysis, 911 Wildlife moves outside to determine the wild animal problem for your lawn and garden. Large animals such as deer love to partake in feasts that involve shredding your carefully cultivated vegetable garden. Rabbits also pose a threat to your lawn and garden by easily getting by do it yourself mesh barriers. By contacting 911 Wildlife, you ensure the protection of your lawn and garden is handled with utmost professional care.

Best Practices For Animal Removal Services In Rockwall, Texas

The highly-rated team of animal removal experts at 911 Wildlife practices what it preaches. If you decide to perform an animal removal job on your own, we will encourage you to work with at least one partner. From confronting a rabid raccoon to dealing with a cornered snake, having someone with you ensures you remain safe during the removal of dead animals in Rockwall, Texas. If you do not have a catchpole to use for snagging a wild animal in a noose, use a bucket or small plastic container to remove small snakes and rodents. We suggest our customers carry large pieces of cardboard to set temporary walls inside of the home where wild animals like to scurry.

How To Deal With Large Animals

During cold weather inside of barns and unattached garages. The team of animal removal experts at 911 Wildlife know how to deal with large animals.
Deer can become an especially significant problem in areas that experienced a drought that significantly diminishes the food supply.

When you detect a foul odor inside of your home, you should consider calling 911 Wildlife to determine if the rank smell is coming from a dead wild animal. Since 1981, we have helped homeowners all over the Dallas Metroplex solve animal invasion problems.

Contact us today to receive an initial consultation for removing a dead animal from your Rockwall, TX home.

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"I'm a big fan of this group. They really care about the process and the effect of pest removal on all of the wildlife. Their process is humane and efficient. I have used them a few times and will always use these folks."

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