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It starts as a light scratching at night, before turning into countless tiny feet scurrying around the attic. Disrupted sleep is the reason you seek out the nighttime invaders, that is until you discover gaping holes in the woodwork that has caused severe damage to your Garland, TX home. If you wait too long to contact a bonded and licensed animal removal professionals, you run the risk of letting your home fall into the tiny paws of rats or the large mitts of a large family of hungry raccoons.

For nearly 30 years, 911 Wildlife has helped customers deal with the issues caused by wild animal intrusions inside of Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex homes.

How To Hire An Animal Removal Company

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Many home services companies operating in the Dallas metroplex only deal with insect and small animal home infestations. When you search for the right animal removal company in Garland, TX, you must decide on a company that handles wild animals of all sizes. Our team of experienced professionals is your best animal removal option. You can remove a family of rats from the basement and still have to deal with the major problem of raccoons digging into your attic.

Another factor to consider involves price. We do not mean the final tab for the cost of eliminating pesky animals from your home. What you get for the money you plunk down for animal removal services is what matters the most. 911 Wildlife has earned rave reviews for providing Garland, Texas homeowners with value. Our team of friendly customer service professionals makes it clear how much your animal removal bill is to avoid sticker shock at the end of a project.

How To Deal With Skunks

It is more than the awful smell creating the sense of urgency to remove skunks from Garland, Texas homes. Skunks also are notorious for burrowing into costly home materials, such as treated pine and cedarwood. The large home invaders also attack pets and pose a rabies threat for the entire family. Skunks love to call the underside of decks and the numerous crawl spaces inside of your home a temporary place to stay to ride out the winter. When you detect a hint of the foul odor that defines the presence of skunks, the time has come to call a bonded and licensed team of skunk removal specialists.

Removing wild animals from your Garland, TX home requires hiring a team of experts that knows how to get the job done right and under budget. Our record of efficiently extracting wild animals from Dallas area homes makes us the go-to company to call for emergency animal removal services. From evicting small animals to preventing large animals from invading your home, 911 Wildlife uses the latest technology to keep your family safe.

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The Best Advice You Can Hear About Bat Control In Garland

Bats are masters of sneaking inside of Garland attics and roosting somewhere that provides them with adequate shelter and access to sustenance. And while these pests might seem harmless and fuzzy, they can actually be very dangerous. A bat’s feces can come in such high volume that it can force a ceiling to collapse, while also being the source of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

When it comes to bat control, there is no method safer or more effective than professional help. At 911 Wildlife, we are the trusted experts when it comes to bats. Our company was founded in 2015 and we bring decades of experience to each property that we treat. We always prioritize the ethical treatment of animals as well as the total satisfaction of our customers.

Our process starts with a total inspection of a property both inside and out in order to understand why bats are attracted to it and determine the ways that they might be gaining access to the inside. From there, we customize a treatment program that includes exclusion and bat-proofing to also prevent new issues. We will also inspect their status on a regular basis as requested by the customer.

For more information on reliable bat control in Garland, contact 911 Wildlife today.

How Dangerous Are Opossums In My Garland Yard?

Opossums are hard to miss with their big furry bodies, hairless tails, and skilled hands that they use to paw through greenery and trash. They also have long, slender faces and the mothers are known for carrying their young on their backs. Opossums are actually the only pouched mammals in Garland and across the country.

While opossums aren’t known to be very social, it’s important to note that the opossums that you see in your yard could potentially be dangerous to your health. They’re able to spread the pathogens that lead to leptospirosis, tularemia, and hantavirus just like rodents do. Opossums may hiss, bite, or scratch if they feel threatened by you.

At 911 Wildlife, we specialize in the humane removal and prevention of opossums. With extensive training and experience, we’re able to address your opossum concerns so that you needn’t be exposed to any potential risks. We always perform thorough assessments of your property to understand what’s attracting opossums and how they’re interacting with the environment around your home. Once we’ve gathered the necessary information, we build a treatment plan for your unique needs that might include installing exclusion. For more information on Garland opossum control, contact us today.

Are Raccoons Really A Problem For Garland Homeowners?

The raccoons that linger around Garland homes are hard to miss, with their iconic black eye masks and big bushy tails. They’ve garnered a bad reputation because of the rummaging that they do in local garbage bins and the potential damage that they can bring to the structural stability of homes. That said, raccoons can also be potentially dangerous for a few reasons.

To start, raccoons are usually hosts to parasitic pests including fleas and ticks. Because raccoons have free roam of the outdoors, they can spread these pests with little effort at all. It’s very common for homeowners to develop parasite outbreaks and not know where they came from, when raccoons were the culprit all along. Some of the health issues that are associated with these types of pests are murine typhus, anemia, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, hair loss, and heartworm. Raccoons are also potentially dangerous themselves because of the illnesses they’re associated with like rabies, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and roundworm.

Keeping raccoons away might seem like a challenge because they’re part of nature; however, with a little help from 911 Wildlife, that doesn’t have to be the case. We provide homeowners with effective raccoon control in Garland that is also ethical and humane. For more information on these services, please contact us today.

Can Wildlife Removal Keep Snakes Away?

Snakes are a common part of life in Garland and luckily, most of the species that are spotted around the area are not considered dangerous. That said, homeowners can still take an active stance against them with professional snake prevention from the pros at 911 Wildlife. We have decades of experience working with homeowners on issues like these, so we’re ready to address any snakes that we may find.

We’ll start by inspecting your property and looking for snakes. From there, we customize a treatment plan that we can monitor on a regular basis so that snakes are never an issue for you again. We install any exclusion around your property and work to eliminate any factors that might be attracting snakes in the first place. All of our services come with a lifetime guarantee and we always offer emergency and same-day servicing so that we keep snakes away completely.

To learn more about our snake control services in Garland, contact 911 Wildlife today.

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