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Animal Removal Services In Flower Mound, TX

When wildlife threatens the comfort and safety of your family, turn to 911 Wildlife to eliminate the infestation quickly. Our team of experienced home services experts knows how to deal with every invasive species that overrun homes in Flower Mound, Texas. We know where to look for wildlife living in your home, as well as taking the right approach to extract animals safely from the attic, basement, and dining room.

Denton County is home to countless animal species, with many of the animals unafraid of invading private property. From pesky bats at night to bothersome squirrels during the day, allow our highly rated home improvement company makes sure native animals live where they are supposed to live: in the wild.

911 Wildlife Offers Animal Removal Solutions For Flower Mound Homeowners

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When you hear scampering in the attic or scratching against the brick in your chimney, the time has come to call 911 Wildlife. The animals causing the commotion can be as small as a bat or as large and aggressive as a family of raccoons. Whatever the species, we use advanced technology to pinpoint the exact location of the animals roaming the attic and chimney. After determining where wildlife lurks in your home, our team of expert animal removal professionals implements strategies to ensure your home remains animal-free for years to come.

You might not hear any animal activity in your home, but a foul odor triggers a call to 911 Wildlife to remove decaying animal carcasses. We not only find dead animals quickly inside of your home, we also eliminate the stench that keeps you and your family up at night. From locating dead birds to removing deceased squirrels, 911 Wildlife is the answer to your animal removal needs.

Removing Wild Animals From Lawns And Gardens

How do you handle a family of skunks that have set up shop in your lawn and garden? You call 911 Wildlife to remove the wildlife that has burrowed deep within the backyard. Many species native to Flower Mound, Texas like to move into a garden before the animal's transition to space within your home. With the long growing season enjoyed by Flower Mound, TX homeowners, animals have virtually a 12-month per year feast awaiting them in your garden. We carefully rid your garden of pests, without harming the vegetation that you have carefully cultivated.

What Is The Best Way To Control Pest Birds Outside Flower Mound Businesses?

Although we may not always consider them to be pests, birds can quite detrimental to Flower Mound businesses. Birds can build nests in signage, defecate on the building's façade, and drive away customers, hurting your bottom line. If you want to keep these unwanted pests away from your business, you need to know some effective bird prevention measures that you can use.

  • Keep outdoor dining areas, patios, and walkways free of food debris and spills.
  • Store trash in bins with tight-fitting lids.
  • Install bird wiring in and around signage or other areas where birds might nest.

While taking these steps can help to keep birds away from your business, they aren’t surefire techniques. If you do find yourself dealing with a bird problem around your property, contact the professionals here at 911 Wildlife. We have the experience and expertise to effectively lower the pest bird population on your property.

What Attracts Snakes To Flower Mound Properties?

Snakes are some of the most menacing-looking animals you may find lurking on your Flower Mound property. While some are simply nuisances, others possess potent venom that can cause serious health issues if you are bitten by them. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps to limit snakes around your property. To do so effectively, you first need to know the factors that attract snakes to properties in the first place.

  • Prey – Snakes will enter a property if there is an abundance of prey on which they can feed. Therefore, try to avoid overwatering your lawn and keep outdoor dining areas free of food debris. 
  • Places to hide – Another reason snakes might enter your yard is that it provides them with ample areas in which they can hide. As such, you should always keep your lawn well-manicured and trim back any vegetation around your property.

If you limit factors that attract snakes to your property and still find yourself dealing with a snake problem, contact the professionals here at 911 Wildlife for assistance.

How To Keep Skunks Away From Your Property In Flower Mound

If ever there were a pest whose reputation (or should we say odor!) precedes it, it’s the skunk. These pests are perhaps best known for the pungent spray they emit when they feel threatened. Getting rid of the odor left from skunks, either from yourself or your pet, isn’t easy to do. Therefore, it’s important to use preventative skunk techniques to keep these smelly animals away from your property.

  • Eliminate possible den sites from your property.
  • Store trash in bins with tight lids.
  • Keep outdoor dining spaces free of food debris.
  • Feed your pets inside or pick up uneaten pet food once they are finished eating.
  • Patch up holes around your home’s foundation.

In the unfortunate event that you do find yourself dealing with a skunk infestation, contact the professionals here at 911 Wildlife for professional skunk removal.

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