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Wildlife Prevention & Repair In Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX & Surrounding Areas

Wildlife Prevention And Repair Services In Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX & Surrounding Areas

Many of the clients that 911 Wildlife serves do not detect the presence of wildlife inside their Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas homes until the critters have caused considerable damage. Animals Such as raccoons and squirrels prefer not to make contact with humans, which means they commonly come out when no one is around. Since wildlife typically live in areas of the home where you rarely visit (attic, basement), months can pass before you notice wildlife damage.

When you discover the presence of wildlife in your Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas home, you should call the home services team at 911 Wildlife.

The Damage Caused By Wildlife

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Rodents have a problem with their teeth. From the day incisors start filling in along the gum line, rodents have to deal with teeth that never stop growing. To prevent constantly growing teeth from causing serious health issues, rodents must chew and gnaw on objects to ensure their teeth remain the proper size. This means once a rodent enters your Houston, Texas home, anything in its path is fair game for its razor-sharp teeth.

Rodents start working on soft objects like clothing, newspapers, and magazines to build spacious nests located in the attic or behind a wall. After the easy to chew objects disappear, rodents turn their steely teeth on hard objects that include wooden support beams and electrical wiring insulation. Damaged electrical wiring insulation can cause a power outage or worse, spark a fire in the attic or behind a living room wall.

Because of the devastating damage left behind by wildlife, you should work with 911 Wildlife to restore the securiy of your home.

Wildlife Repair Services

911 Wildlife offers general wildlife repair services that we perform to prevent further deterioration of the location animals may have hunkered down for the winter or where a pregnant mother decided to raise a family. We start by repairing the damage caused by wildlife chewing and clawing their way through roofing and/or foundation materials. Rodents in particular have no trouble with excavating through materials that deter other types of wild animals.

Home Decontamination Service

Hungry wildlife actively search for food and when the critters find it easy to access fruits, vegetables, and cereal, it is only a matter of a short time before the critters leave urine and fecal matter in the kitchen and anywhere else where you store food. Wildlife fecal matter contains potentially life-threatening foodborne pathogens that cause illnesses like Salmonella and Lassa fever. Symptoms of foodborne illnesses include high fever, severe diarrhea, and incredibly painful abdominal cramps. One of the most important services 911 Wildlife offers involves decontaminating your home to prevent wildlife urine and fecal matter from sending one or more of your loved ones to the hospital.

We schedule our decontamination service well in advance of a visit to your home to give you plenty of time to make plans. This includes clearly explaining every step of the decontamination process from when we plan to be at your home to what to expect when you return. Our goal is to decontaminate your Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas home while creating little if any disruption to your everyday routine.

Preventive Measures To Wildlife Proof Your Home

Getting rid of wildlife is one thing; making sure the critters never return to your Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas home is a different thing. 911 Wildlife helps homeowners living in suburbs such as Arlington, Garland, Irving, and Richardson implement wildlife prevention strategies. We start by sealing every hole and crack we find along the roofline and around the foundation of your home. Wild animals possess limber joints, which allows the wild animals to squeeze through holes and cracks that are much smaller than their body sizes.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Excellent service. Humane treatment, relocation/removal of unwanted pests/critters in our attic. Highly recommend."

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