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Squirrel Removal In Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX & Surrounding Areas | 911 Wildlife


Squirrels are common wild animals near urban spaces in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas. These creatures are instrumental to our natural environment, although they are quite destructive when living in our homes. Squirrels can damage insulation, chew electric wires, and harm property in other ways, so rather than waiting for them to go away on their own, opt for professional squirrel removal services in your area.

If you've heard scratches, chirps, gnawing, or chewing sounds emanating from your attic, walls, or eaves, reach out to the 911 Wildlife experts today! Our squirrel removal services are fast, affordable, and humane and come with a 10-year guarantee. Our experts have served buildings all over Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas and would be happy to do the same for you.

Let 911 Wildlife serve your home today. Call us to schedule a squirrel control service right away.

911 Wildlife has a team of experts for wildlife removal in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas. We can remove squirrels from your home or building using humane techniques that help squirrels make their way out of your Texas home.

First, a technician will come out to your property and conduct a thorough inspection. We will check outside the home, the roof, and the attic to note areas of concern, then look for signs of squirrel activity, entry points, droppings, nests, and more.

Your 911 Wildlife technicians will present their findings along with suggested remedies and a quote. If you like what you see and are ready to get started, we can prescribe a full remedy during our scheduled service. Squirrel removal services in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas typically involve three steps:

  1. We will install a one-way door around the entry points of your house. Squirrels will be able to leave the property, but they won't be able to get back inside.
  2. Your property must be completely sealed up after the squirrel exits to remove the threat of a re-entry. We use metal-based products on both the roof and ground level to completely squirrel-proof your home.
  3. After evicting all the squirrels from your attic, proper decontamination and deodorization is recommended. Our anti-microbial fogging treatment completely sanitizes the attic and removes unwanted pheromones. Treatments will also get rid of fleas, mites, or roaches that have tagged along with your squirrel infestation. 

An expert squirrel technician will perform all the exclusion work listed here rather than secondary subcontractors. In fact, the technician who completes your initial inspection will perform all three steps of our process, with the ability to paint your exclusion work to match your home's colors and overall aesthetics.

We do not trap and relocate animals. While this seems like a humane solution, relocated animals rarely survive in unfamiliar territory competing for resources, and often leave orphaned young to starve. Plus, other animals will just move into the newly-available space.

Are you curious to learn more about our squirrel removal? Get started with a phone call to 911 Wildlife today.

The first step is to inspect both inside and outside your home or building to identify all potential entry points. We will also look for any damages caused by squirrels.

After identifying all entry points, we will install one-way doors over all main entry points. Proper installation allows the squirrels to exit, but not re-enter, your Houston home.

The final step is to seal all potential entry points with heavy-duty materials. The ultimate goal is to prevent wild squirrels from entering your home in the future.

You may have a difficult time keeping squirrels away from a free buffet. You can contact your local nature center or Audubon Society for a baffler design or free-standing feeder or purchase the "Absolute" bird feeder that stops squirrels in the tracks. Another newly designed battery-operated bird feeder, "The Yankee Flipper," twirls when a squirrel lands on it, literally flipping them off. We strongly discourage the use of capsaicin-based "hot pepper" powder mixes, which, although advertised as a "humane" repellent, makes squirrels quite sick and can be irritating to a bird's eyes.

Squirrels commonly fall down chimneys and can't get out. For DIY squirrel removal in your Houston or Dallas home, here's what you can do: 

  • Hang a 3/4 inch thick rope or a long branch down the chimney (securely fastened at the top).

  • All the squirrel has to do is climb back out.

  • Be sure to install a chimney cap on your flue to prevent a reoccurrence. 

Call the professionals at 911 Wildlife for faster squirrel removal.

Squirrels rarely get rabies. A more common, fatal problem for squirrels is the roundworm parasite that infects the brain and results in signs similar to rabies. Another look-alike symptom in squirrels is head trauma caused by being hit by a car. Contact 911 Wildlife to assess strange squirrel behavior and for immediate squirrel removal in Dallas or Houston.

It's never been easier to get humane squirrel control. When you're ready to get rid of squirrels around your house, just call 911 Wildlife for help right away.

Are you looking forward to getting started? We are here to help. Contact 911 Wildlife today for professional and humane squirrel removal in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas!

"Excellent service. Humane treatment, relocation/removal of unwanted pests/critters in our attic. Highly recommend."

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