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Help! There Are Bats Living On My Dallas Property!


Most people do not like bats. These leathery creatures are creepy to look at and known for their ability to harm humans. They are more likely to cause problems when they invade homes here in Dallas. Unfortunately, this happens often. Fortunately, there are options to keep these pests at bay.

Here are some things we recommend you do to keep bats off your Dallas property and some of the problems these pests cause. Reach out to our team at 911 Wildlife to find out how we handle these local invaders. We will share some of our options for bat removal in Dallas and can help you find a solution to effectively deal with these pests inside your home.

How To Tell If Bats Are Roosting On Your Property

Sometimes, it is easy to know when your home, business, or outbuilding has a bat infestation. If you walk around at night and see these pests fly out of your chimney or attic windows, good chances are you are dealing with a full-blown problem. If you do not notice this, look for other common signs of bats. These include:

  • Fecal droppings in your attic

  • Odd noises coming from above your head at night

  • The smell of urine

  • Live bats hanging out in your attic

If you would like help identifying an active infestation on your property, your best bet is to involve our team at 911 Wildlife. We offer quick and effective inspection services. If there is an active problem, we will offer bat control to deal with these pests.

Can Bats Hurt My Family And Pets?

Bats are known for the problems they cause. If you have done some research on these local creatures, you may know that they spread rabies. This is a virus that is lethal for most animals and humans. Bats, however, are able to survive with this virus and spread it more rapidly.

Another problem associated with bats is histoplasmosis. This is a disease contracted from breathing in fungal spores created by bat droppings. Considering that these are only two examples of why these pests are a problem, it is safe to say you do not want them hanging out inside your home. To help you deal with these pests, here are some of your options for removal and prevention. 

How Can I Keep Bats Away From My Property?

Deterring bats from your property is important. The question is, do you have the time and energy to prevent these pests on your own? If you do, here are some exclusion methods to consider.

  • Fill in plumbing and electrical holes around your home’s exterior.

  • Address damage to your roofline and roof that might allow bats a way into your home.

  • Make sure all of your exterior windows and doors have proper seals.

  • Fix damaged window and door screens and keep unscreened windows and doors shut when you are not using them.

  • Invest in a bat-proof cap for your chimney.

For additional help with bat mitigation, talk with our team at 911 Wildlife.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Bats

There are many different forms of wildlife that might cause trouble on your property. Bats are one of the worst. Whether you are dealing with an active infestation or are looking for a long-term solution to keep these pests at bay, we have what you need at 911 Wildlife.

Let us pay you a visit to assess the condition of your infestation and offer an effective solution to handle these invasive creatures. Call 911 Wildlife to learn more about our bat exclusion and mitigation and find a treatment time that works for your Dallas property.

"I'm a big fan of this group. They really care about the process and the effect of pest removal on all of the wildlife. Their process is humane and efficient. I have used them a few times and will always use these folks."

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