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Is Professional Wildlife Control An Absolute Necessity In Houston?


There are some things in life that you need in order to survive. These things include water, food, and sleep. On top of these basic necessities are many other less necessary, but equally rewarding things. One thing on our list is wildlife and general pest control services. Living with wild animals inside or around your home is nothing short of frustrating. The question is, how do you deal with different types of wildlife that want to cause problems on your property? Here is what we recommend for wildlife control in Houston and five practical ways to prevent an active intrusion. Call 911 Wildlife if you need immediate wildlife control to deal with an active wildlife problem.

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Houston

There are two types of problematic wildlife that live here in Houston. There are creatures that might take shelter around your home and there are those that will come indoors. Common outdoor wildlife includes raccoons and opossums. Common indoor wildlife includes rats, mice, bats, and occasionally snakes. These pests are able to invade homes because of their smaller size. Raccoons and opossums can come into homes but are much less likely to do so, perhaps because they fear that they will be spotted and will not have anywhere to easily hide. 

Why You Don't Want Wildlife Hanging Around Your Yard

There are many wild animals in Houston that do not cause any trouble and will avoid local properties whenever possible. The species you have to worry about are the ones that get too close to homes. All furry or feathery wildlife have the ability to carry fleas and ticks onto properties. If these smaller parasitic pests fall off and crawl into your home, they might bite and get you or one of your pets sick. Other wildlife pests damage property by digging up vegetation, damaging fencing, or scratching/biting items around your yard. There are also many local species that like to tip over bird baths and destroy bird feeders. Finally, there is one local wild animal that we all know and hate; skunks. You don’t have to see this pest to know that it is around! Their scent will inform you that they have taken residence nearby.

Five Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips

Wildlife removal is difficult and dangerous. Utilizing practical prevention tips to deter wild animals is not. If you have some time and energy, here are five practical methods to stop a wildlife intrusion.

  1. Install a fence around your garden and yard.
  2. Pick up fruits, berries, and other foods that drop on your property.
  3. Clean up thoroughly after hosting outdoor gatherings and keep foods and beverages covered as much as possible while eating outside.
  4. Eliminate sources of water build-up around your property and make sure your gutters are in good working order.
  5. Reduce clutter around your yard and remove debris.

If wild animals are already living on your property, do not worry. We are a wildlife control company and we know how to help.

The Most Effective Wildlife Control For Your Property

When it comes to wildlife control in Houston, you only have so many options. If you are looking for a local wildlife removal company that will take care of your pest problems, look no further than 911 Wildlife. We are a reputable pest control provider that specializes in wildlife trapping and relocation. We are equipped to handle anything from raccoons to coyotes. 

Contact our team at 911 Wildlife today to discover what wildlife control options are available to you and find a service time that best works for you and your Houston property. 

"Excellent service. Humane treatment, relocation/removal of unwanted pests/critters in our attic. Highly recommend."

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