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911 Wildlife offers FREE presentations for garden clubs, neighborhood organizations and community groups. Have you received emails or phone calls about coyotes and bobcats in the neighborhood? Or armadillos digging up the landscaping? 911 Wildlife’s presentations focus on simple, effective ways to solve urban wildlife problems without ever setting a trap:

  1. “Critters in the Garden” covers armadillos, cottontail rabbits, opossums and raccoons.
  2. “Wild Neighbors: Situations & Solutions” covers coyotes, foxes, bobcats, raccoons and opossums.
  3. “Feathered Friends & Foes” covers chimney swifts, barn swallows, egrets and other urban birds.

What do attendees say about the presentations?

You entertained, informed and educated us. It was one of the best presentations VCCA has had.” Jeanette Hix, Vermont Commons Civic Association

“Everyone commented on how it perfectly blended educational information with humor.”  Susan Parma, Town Creek HOA

“The program today was fascinating! I learned so much.” Susan Harper, Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Association

“The feedback was awesome!” Mark Rieves, Vickery Place Neighborhood Association

“At the board meeting earlier this week I was given compliments on lining up such a good speaker.” Mike Pike, Fairmount Neighborhood Association

“Thank you for sharing such helpful and eye-opening information with us.” Glenn Cornwell, Hanley Neighborhood Association

“It was so interesting, gave us a better understanding of wild animals and gave us great hints on how to keep the pesky critters away.” Linda Dean, Park Place HOA

Contact 911 Wildlife today to request a presentation for your group.


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