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Colleyville Doctor Finds Bobcat

COLLEYVILLE, Texas -A Colleyville doctor found a bobcat right behind his medical clinic. Dr. Kevin Wacasey immediately started shooting video on his cell phone. The cat then did something that wildlife experts say is a sure sign it has no fear of humans.”He was just walking, he wasn’t running. He walked and he stopped and he turned and he saw me,” said Dr. Wacasey.He said he was surprised and thought he’d found a rare but famous cat. “There’s been rumors of a panther or a Grapevine cougar here for years ever since I moved here about 16 years ago. So I thought, this is it!”Bonnie Bradshaw with DFW Wildlife Coalition (911 Wildlife) said it’s not a cougar or a panther. It’s got a short tail and white coloring behind the ears. She said there are literally hundreds of bobcats living in urban areas and usually strike fear upon first glance.

Last February, FOX4 obtained video of an impressive standoff between two territorial bobcats in a Carrollton neighborhood, leaving neighbors there frightened.

Bradshaw said bobcats could on occasion snatch small pets but are not a threat to people.

“Bobcats are after rats and rabbits and squirrels, very small prey, so that’s why they’re thriving in the city is cause they find more of those animals in the city than they do out in a rural area,” said Bradshaw.

She says because the cat Dr. Wacasey saw didn’t bolt away, it is already accustomed to people.

Dr. Wacasey said he’s comfortable with coexisting. “I’m fine with it. I don’t want anybody to kill it. I don’t even need it taken away really. If it’s doing it’s job out here, keeping pests at bay, that’s fine with me,” said Dr. Wacasey.