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Bobcats roam Carrollton neighborhood

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com


One neighborhood in Carrollton is on alert to keep an eye on their small pets after several reports of bobcats roaming the streets, even in broad daylight.

Mike Martuscello and his son Kevin were driving near their Carrollton home when they spied two bobcats.

“They just came up to each other and started the growling,” Martuscello said.

Wildlife specialist Bonnie Bradshaw says it’s near breeding season and two big males were squabbling over territory. Bradshaw says the incident shows typical urban bobcat behavior.

“These are bobcats that have lived their entire life in urban environments so they feel save even in broad daylight,” according to Bradshaw.

Kevin Martuscello managed to capture the bobcats in action on his cellphone.

“That was my first time to ever see one. It was amazing we saw two at one time and they did that interaction and I was able to get it on camera,” Martuscello said.

The local neighborhood association president had just put out an email blast after at least 8 reports of bobcat sightings in the last week. Residents are being warned about the threat to small pets.

“Those bobcats are not a threat to people, not even small children. Those bobcats are after rats and rabbits and squirrels,” Bradshaw said.

Carrollton’s animal control workers are aware of the situation. Workers say if the bobcats become a nuisance they could decide later to trap and move them.