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Squirrel Removal


Squirrel Removal in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Denton

Squirrel removal in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston  is fast, affordable, humane, and has a 10-year guarantee!

Squirrels are common in urban areas. Naturally they will seek warm, dry places to build their nests. If they can gain easy access to the attic of your home or building, they will think it is a great place to rest, store their nuts, and give birth. They can enter from holes in the woodwork of the eaves and soffits or through the chimney and attic vents. Your home may be chosen because of tree branches that have grown near the roof. Squirrels can damage insulation, chew electric wires, and harm property in other ways. 911 Wildlife has a team of experts for squirrel removal in Houston and Dallas. We will remove squirrels from your home or building using humane techniques. So if you’ve been hearing noises such as scratches, chirps, gnawing, or chewing from your attic, walls, or eaves, call us to schedule a professional inspection today.

  • Q. I see a squirrel circling and falling over – is it rabid?
    A. Squirrels rarely get rabies. A more common, fatal problem for squirrels is the roundworm parasite that infects the brain and results in signs similar to rabies. Unfortunately, roundworm is usually fatal for squirrels. Another look-alike symptom in squirrels is head trauma caused by being hit by a car. Contact 911 Wildlife to assess strange squirrel behavior and for immediate squirrel removal in Dallas or Houston.

See more about rabies here.

  • Q: What should I do if a squirrel has fallen down my chimney?
    A: Squirrels commonly fall down chimneys and can’t get out. For DIY squirrel removal in your Houston or Dallas home, here’s what you can do: Hang a 3/4 inch thick rope or a long branch down the chimney (securely fastened at the top) so the squirrel can climb out. Then be sure to put a chimney cap on the flue to prevent reoccurrence. Chimney caps will also prevent squirrels from building shallow nests at the top of the flue which may make it dysfunctional or a fire hazard in winter. A second option, if the fireplace can be sealed off, is to set a live box trap in the fireplace baited with bread and peanut butter, and open the damper so the squirrel comes down. Check frequently to see when the squirrel goes into the trap and release him outside immediately. Be sure to have a chimney cap installed so this situation doesn’t recur.
  • Q: …or is nesting in my attic?
  • A: If there are squirrels in your attic, contact 911 Wildlife for one-way door installation today! 911 Wildlife provides expert squirrel removal in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and Houston. To prevent future access to your roof, be sure to trim any overhanging tree branches.
  • Q: How do I stop squirrels from eating all my birdseed?
    A: You may have a difficult time keeping the nimble squirrel away from a free buffet. You can contact your local nature center or Audubon Society, or specialty bird stores for a good baffler design for a free-standing feeder, or purchase the “Absolute” bird feeder which has a lever that closes off the bird seed when a heavy animal like a squirrel lands on it. Another newly designed battery-operated bird feeder, “The Yankee Flipper,” twirls fast when a squirrel lands on it, literally flipping them off. We strongly discourage the use of any capsaicin-based “hot pepper” powder mix which, although advertised as a “humane” repellent when mixed with birdseed, reportedly makes squirrels quite sick and can be irritating to birds’ eyes, as well as to the humans that handle the feeder.

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