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Snake Removal in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas

While snakes often instill fear in people, these animals serve a vital role in the environment by eliminating disease-carrying pests that may invade homes. However, unexpected encounters can still put people and pets in harm’s way. If you need immediate snake removal in your Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas home, contact 911 Wildlife right away.

Texas is home to more than a hundred different species and subspecies of snakes, and many are common in urban areas. Although most types of snakes aren’t venomous, a few are, and the ones that aren’t can still bite if frightened and cornered. It is important to understand that snakebites occur as part of the snake’s defense mechanism, which is why it is essential to be aware of why and how they enter homes.

Generally, snakes eat insects, mice, and rats, making them beneficial to humans. However, this also means that homes suffering from rodent or insect infestations become attractive sources of food for snakes. If your home has a rodent or insect problem, it’s best to take care of it first to avoid attracting snakes to your property.

Snakes also enter homes to find shelter. During the colder months, snakes may seek refuge in a barn, shed, or garage, or underneath a pier and beam foundation. Areas full of clutter such as piles of wood, leaves, mulch, and other debris offer snakes a warm and comfortable place to hide. Additionally, any small hole into your home or building can easily be taken advantage of by snakes. Sealing potential entryways and clearing debris help prevent snakes from considering your home as shelter.

What Do I Do If There’s a Snake on My Property?

Snakes often enter homes to find food and will move on once they’ve caught their prey. If you happen to find a snake in your house, and it looks like it’s only hunting for food, leave a window or the door open so it can safely exit the premises. If the snake has trouble leaving or intends to stay in your home, call a professional. Unless you are trained to identify and handle snakes, it’s best to leave the job to a wildlife control expert.

911 Wildlife provides humane snake removal in Houston, Dallas, and surrounding areas. If you need to have a snake or any kind of wild animal removed from your home, building, or yard, call us today for a professional inspection by one of our wildlife specialists.