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Animals can create wildlife control concerns for homes and businesses.

Whether you have squirrels in your attic, a raccoon in your chimney, a skunk under your porch, or birds in your dryer vent 911 Wildlife has the fast, affordable and humane solution and provides a 10 year guarantee!

Animal Control

Animal control is possible by means other than traps and poisons.  911 Wildlife does not use traps or poisons of any kind.  We install specially designed one-way doors to humanely evict animals.  Our exclusion work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Animal Removal and Relocation

911 Wildlife is owned and operated by wildlife rehabilitators. Our mission is to prevent native wildlife from being orphaned, injured, relocated or euthanized.  Most wildlife control companies in the United States use box traps to capture and relocate wildlife. That may seem like a humane solution; however, 911 Wildlife does not use box traps for three reasons:

  1. Several studies have shown that relocated animals rarely survive more than two weeks. In unfamiliar territory, relocated animals are unable to successfully compete for food and shelter with the existing population of wildlife in that area.
  2. Many of the trapped and relocated animals are lactating females. Their orphans are left behind to starve.
  3. Trapping and relocating animals does not solve the problem. If animals are removed, others from surrounding areas will move in to take their place.

Instead of box traps, 911 Wildlife uses humane eviction and exclusion techniques which are guaranteed for 10 years.  Call now for more details.

Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, and surrounding areas do not have to rely on traps and poisons to solve their animal and wildlife concerns.

Visit our species pages for information on solving wildlife problems with armadillo, bats, beaver, birds, bobcats, coyote, fox, opossum, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, snakes, and squirrels.  Animal control can be safe and humane for the animals without being costly and irritating for humans.





squirrel removal

Squirrel Removal

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Skunk Removal


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Raccoon Removal


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